Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well we are working on our first week at daycare and have had a few bumps in the road so far but overall I think it is going to be a good fit for us.

As far as the issue what happened was on the second day of day care I had the parent watch up on my computer at work and was checking it often. I love having parent watch cause it allows me to feel like im there with her and still know what she is doing during the day. I DONT have it to watch the teachers I know that they know what they are doing and I trust them. I wouldnt have taken her there if i didnt think they did.

Well as I was watching parent watch i noticed that she was in the swing for going on 6 hours and I had yet to see her eat. I started to get a little upset so i called Matt who was trying to convince me to call up there and check on it but I inisisted that she was fine and if she was that hungry she would let them know like she does when im with her at home. Well I happen to get online and was talking to my friend Chris who's wife Lauren works at the daycare and I just vented that parent watch was maybe going to drive me crazy cause she hadnt eaten all day. Chris was worried and called Lauren who checked and she indeed had not eaten in going on 6 hours. She told the ladies that it was ok to wake Addy to feed her, and all was well till.....

Ola the asst manager at the daycare called me cause she heard I was upset, and being the emotional wreck you can expect from a new mom who has just gone back to work and put her baby in daycare. I got upset and started crying on the phone with her. She then turned the issue in to something else and made me feel bad for going to Lauren and Chris about my issue instead of her.

Little back ground on Ola and Lauren. Ola is the asst manager and Lauren is the manager under her. Apparently they are the greatest of friends. So Ola basically made me feel that I was in the wrong for going to them and should always come to her first. When all other parents are allowed to go to Lauren. I personally am taking Addy to daycare there because of the fact Lauren works there and I know that if i ever have an issue she will take care of it right away as she did.

OK well this all is not the main issue. After talking to Ola I talked to Chris and told him what happened and he then told Lauren. THEN Ola sent Chris a text message saying that "Your friend is a lier, I was never rude to her and there is something wrong with her". I found this to be extremly unprofessional that she would text another parent talking about me.

Well that is what happened. I had a meeting with the director to discuss all that happened and she assured me I am more than able to go to Lauren with problems, and that she would take care of Ola.

So all is well... Sorry this is so long I didnt know how to tell the whole story with out all of this :)

Here is a picture of Miss Addy on her first day of daycare. Needless to say mommy was not smiling this big :(

2 Months

Well my Addy is 2 months old today!! She got her shots and did very well I'm my opinion she was through being upset before I even got her to the counter to check out.

Here are her stats from birth and now:

6lb 6 oz
19 inches

2 Months:
10lb 1oz
21 1/2 inches
25th percentile for both

Doctor says she is going to be a petite girl just like her mom but was perfectly happy with her growth so far.

Here are some pictures from our trip to the doctor.