Thursday, November 12, 2009

I now understand....

Why so many women decide to become stay at home moms once they get on maternity leave. I was laying in be last night thinking about how much time Addison and I have had to just hang out, relax, bond, take naps, shop and all the other things we have done since she was born and I honestly cant imagine how it will be when I "HAVE" to go back to work. I say have because I dont have the luxury of deciding to stay home if we want to have enough money to feed ourselves and her :(

I always said that I could never be a stay home mom because I wouldnt like being home all day and I cant afford to go shopping everyday,. This is still true, it can get rough being in the house all the time but when I think about going back to work I realize that means I will only get to spend a whole 3 and 1/2 hours with Addy a night. Which most of the night will be filled with cooking, dishes, laundry, bathing little miss and then putting her to bed. Thats not much time to just enjoy each other and relax at all. I know I will have the weekends but we are usually on the go on the weekends and when we go out with family I NEVER get to hold my baby. She is usually scooped up the second we walk in the room and I have to actually ask for her back at the end of the night just so we can leave. It sucks! I want people to be able to love on her but im still very greddy and want her to myself!

Alright thats enough complaining for one day :(

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1 Month Old

Well first off let me just say I'm so excited to know that people actually do read this blog and I'm not just updating it for my health :) (HI DAD!)

OK now on to business... Our little pumpkin is 1 month old today! I cant believe how fast time is flying. I thought the pregnancy went fast but now that she is here is is moving even faster!! Before i know it we will be forking out thousands for a wedding :(

Here are some things that Miss A has started to do over the past month...

- Smiling some and not just gas smiles

- As of today she does not hate tummy time and will lay there content for at least 5-10 min. This is progress because the first couple times we tried it all she would do was cry :(

- She is staying awake for bigger chunks of time. Don't get me wrong she still likes a nice long nap or two a day but she is becoming more alert every day.

- Bath times are great! She loves getting a bath but hates being taken out of the water to be dried off. I think she would be content if i let her stay in the water till she shriveled up like a prune.

- She is eating 4 oz of formula every 3-4 hours like clock work!

- Making cute little sounds while playing or being talked to. (Check out the video at the bottom)

- Were still not sleeping through the night but since she is only 4 weeks i know there is still more time to work on this.

Overall we have had a great month and were ready for many more with lots of milestones to go

And just cause i know all anyone really wants to see when they come to a blog is the pictures. So here you go :)