Thursday, September 23, 2010

Operation Addy gets a bedtime and sleeps in her own bed!

Well first a little back story on all of this. Addison since the day we brought her home was a great sleeper and started off the very first night in her crib and it stayed that way till I left my job, took her out of daycare, went on vacation, started a new job and put her in a new child care setting.

Wow that's a lot of changes for one little girl right! Well after all of these things happened her schedule got royally screwed up. She was still keeping a bed time and slept in her crib till we went on vacation and she had to sleep with us. That's when things started to go down hill. After a week of no bed time and sleeping with me when we got back we couldn't break her of it. (not going to lie I'm having to break myself as well! I didn't realize how nice it was to have her with me even at night.) Well now as you can imagine that kinda puts a damper on bedroom time with the hubby! So after 3 months of letting this go on its time to make a change!

So operation Addy gets a bed time has begun. I know she needs more sleep at night than she was getting and I know this momma needs a little break and alone time in the evenings to relax before bed.

So were taking things back to the way they were when she was itty bitty and what worked for us then to get her back on a routine.

Every night at 8:00pm we will go in my room with the lights dimmed drink her sippy of milk and rock in the rocker. Since I'm having to trick her in to sleeping there I cant lay her down in the crib awake like I used to so were having to rock asleep which surprisingly has been taking no time at all. Then sneak her in to the crib. Once she is good and used to sleeping there we will do without the rocking and just lay her down to put her self to sleep, but for now were trying to make this as painless as possible for both parties.

So far the going to bed at 8-8:30 has been well.

Night 1 - Rock and ate at 8:00, 8:30 in crib passed out, slept all night long till I woke her to get up for the day.

Night 2 - Rock and ate at 8:00, 8:15 in crib asleep, at some point woke up crying and Matt got her and put her in bed. I don't recall ever hearing her but she was almost on top of me when my alarm went off this morning.

It will take time but she will be back to normal here soon I know it :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Addison learning her colors :)

First off please excuse my naked child but we do our color and letter learning in the bath tub and I was so proud of her I had to post this :)

Here is Addison showing momma she knows the colors blue and yellow at 11 months old! Sorry for the small video it was taken with my cell phone...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Softball Game

Wow this summer has been a hot one! We haven't been going outside too much but we have been busy with lots of other things.

One thing that we love to do but didn't get to this summer much is watch Daddy play softball. He took the summer off to spend time with Addison and accommodate our busy schedule, but this last Friday (8/27) he got asked to sub for his old team the Muckdogs for a double header and since it wasn't to hot, Addison and I joined him along with my mom (Addison's Grammy).

First things first we had to head to a Target for a little shopping while the boys warmed up. Then we headed to the fields.

Addison had a blast she just wanted to be down and walking around. Which made it hard to watch the game but she was entertainment enough :)

11 Months and the Zoo!!!

Addison turned 11 months old today and I really cant believe it, or maybe i don't want to let myself believe it cause that means she will be 1 in just a month!

As much as I am enjoying her growing up and learning new things I really do miss having such a tiny little baby. I can feel the fever to have another coming on but we will hold off on that for a while longer :)

So here are a few things I want to remember about Addison at 11 months. A lot maybe the same as last month but one big thing has changed!

- Addison is walking. She doesn't do it everywhere and usually only gets a few steps before falling, but she attempts to walk first before crawling. I love it!

- She can show momma her nose, and can point to mommas

- Still no teeth but she has been a bit more fussy and rubbing her mouth so maybe sometime soon. I just hope she has at least one before her birthday :)

- Eating 3 full meals a day, with 3 bottles (6 oz) and 1 cup juice with a snack. She loves just about anything we give her.

- She is still drinking 100% from a sippy cup and has even learned how to use the ones with straws.

- Mixing in whole mike with her formula to get her adjusted before we make the final full switch. Starting tomorrow she will be bumped up to 2/3 milk and 1/3 formula.

- Loves to talk in her own language and is even learning some more words I can understand

- This girl LOVES to dance. Any song on the Disney channel usually gets her shaking it :)

Now on to the Zoo...

We took Addison to the zoo with her cousin Madison, Aunt Megan and Uncle Richard last weekend. For the most part I think she enjoyed it. It was nice to get out side with out it being in the 100's. Her favorite part was the MOLA (Museum of Live Art) which has fish tanks and reptiles. Her favorite animal was the turtles. She would walk along side the tank trying to follow them. It was too cute. Were thinking a trip to the Dallas Aquarium is in our near future.