Thursday, April 22, 2010


You know that feeling you get when you go to church and hear a good sermon, and you just get this overwhelming feeling of passion. Sometimes so much so that you just want to start right then and there and make changes in your life.

Well today I got that feeling. Not from a church sermon but from a lunch meeting at work. It was just such an eye opener. Things I already know and most of them I do but also it made me think of a lot of ways that I can change what I'm doing everyday and will hopefully encourage and empower others around me as well.

Our lunch meeting topic was ways that as a manager I can teach and coach my employees to higher levels of capability, productivity, and performance. It gave me a lot of great ways to make changes but mostly it helped me think of things I need to change about myself that would in turn help my department.

Some of y'all who read this probably did not know this but I am a Operations Manager at my job and I have 2 employees under me that are the best. I really don't think I could ask for better employees. We have had to make some cuts due to the economy and with out them I don't think we would be near as strong and capable as we are. We went from 5 to 3 of us and honestly we all brought our A game and didn't even really feel the difference of cutting back.

I know I don't tell them enough and probably should but they truly are the best two people to work with!!

Now I just need to work on myself to help encourage us all to keep going and push forward. This economy is rough right now but we will make it through!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rollin Rollin Rollin

Addison has finally learned to roll over 100% on her own. She would occasionally roll over with my help but then would never do it again. Last night i laid her on her stomach and walked off to wash dishes and when i came back she was on her back. I asked Matt if he moved her and he said no so we tried laying her on her tummy to do it again but she wouldn't. So this morning while I was getting ready i laid her on her play mat in my bedroom and while she had her back to me she rolled over. So i got my phone out and recorded itfor Matt to see!

On another note Addison has her first tooth. Normally babies get their bottom two teeth first but Addy is a strange one and got her top I tooth. She had been cranky for two weeks or so and only teething tablets would soothe her and then on Saturday night (4/10) while my mom was watching her she cut her first tooth! I knew it was on its way by the way she was rubbing on that part of her gums :)

Also forgive me for the lack of pictures! I broke my camera some how a few weeks ago and haven't replaced it. I think we will be using the video camera to record and take pictures from here on out but its not as small and convenient to have in my purse for random occasions. :(

Sunday, April 11, 2010

6 months

Addison turned 6 months old last weekend had her 6 month shots and check up on April 9th. We didn't get to see our normal doctor which upset me a little but over all we had a good visit. Addy is doing great and they want us to now start feeding her solids 3 times a day (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner), start giving her juice in a sippy cup (which we have already been doing) and bumping her up to stage 2 baby foods.

Here are her stats
Length - 24 3/4 inches (10th percentile)
Weight - 15 lbs (10th percentile)

She is going to be a small one like me i think. Although you wouldn't think it by the cheeks she has and the rolls on her chunky legs :)

Here is what Addison is up to...

- Sitting up un-assisted for up to 30 min at a time (I think we skipped the rolling over milestone cause she has no interest in it at all)

- Drinking 6 oz every 4 hours

- 2-3 naps a day, ranging from 30min to an hour

- Still loves pears but now that were starting stage 2 she loves the mixed fruits. Veggies she tolerates but does not have a favorite

- Puts her self to sleep at night

- Sits up in the shower and loves to splash and play with her toys

- Babbles and laughs about everything. No true words yet although I'm working on mama with her

- Loves to pet her puppy Champ and grab at his face. I think they will be best of friends

- Hugs on her stuffed animals and grabs and plays with all of her toys

- Teething!!! We even have a little one starting to poke through i think!

Sorry for the lack of updates we have been super crazy the past few months. Hopefully now that the weather is getting nice, we will have some great things to post on. Although my camera broke at the Ranger game so we may have to invest in a new one :)