Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Venture....

As if i don't already have enough on my plate I have decided to start my own little company venture on the side... Homemade baby items are a hot thing right now and after buying several things myself I am convinced I can make my own and sell them too...

I plan to buy a sewing machine in the next few weeks (yes... I already know how to sew so I wont have to learn that too).

Then I plan to try my hand at making custom bibs, burp cloths and blankets. Once i have made a few I plan to give some away to fellow bloggers for them to do a product review. If you would like to be considered for a product review please leave me a message... As soon as I have a few made I will post some pictures for feed back...

I plan to call my little company Addison Lynn Designs, since most of the proceeds will go to her anyway :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Addison Laughing

Matt got Addison to laugh for the first time today :) Here she is on video...

I stink....

Not literally, but I do stink at keeping my goal of blogging everyday.... I like to think I have a good excuse though. Life with a 3 month old makes you want to put down the computer and spend every moment with her. :) Good Excuse ehh?

All kidding aside i meant to write yesterday but I got super busy at work during the afternoon and the blog had to take a back seat...

Then today I'm sick :( I felt it coming on all day yesterday as just a scratchy throat so I took some meds and went to bed at 8:30 right after Addison went to sleep. No help at all that was. I woke up feeling worse so I decided to just stay home, but before I could do that I had to finish up some work stuff from home. Logged on at 8:00am and didn't get off till 2:00pm. Some day off huh?!?! Oh well still got a good nap in once I logged off.

Now I'm off to go feed my stinker :)

I promise more pictures soon!! OH and Addison let out her first full on laugh today for Daddy. Hopefully we can get her to do it again and get it on video for all to see...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friend Pictures

Today Addison was invited over to her friend Kynli's house to take friend pictures with her and their other friend Kayla. None of the girls really wanted to smile but I'm sure Heather still got come cute shots.

Laying down

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Im a to-do list person....

** Updated with completed items on 9/14/2010**

So yes I'm stealing this from another blog I read... ahem stalk :) (We all do it don't judge)

So this other blogger had a wonderful idea. 101 goals to complete in 1001 days. That's approximately 1 thing on the list every 10 days to be completed by September 29, 2012.

I would like to try really hard to get all of these things done and maybe having a list and holding myself accountable will help. Of course some of these things require a good deal of money but I have faith that the economy will look back up and I will get start getting raises again soon :)

1. Pay off all of our credit cards

2. Build a covered deck in our back yard

3. Fix our fence that is due to fall in our neighbors yard any day now

4. Pay off the last hospital bill from Addison's birth

5. Frame Addison's newborn pictures

6. Clean and organize the Garage

7. Attend a yoga class

8. Take my lunch to work everyday for a month

9. Buy new bedroom furniture

10. Organize my home office

11. Buy a sewing machine

12. Make something to sell on etsy

13. Have a garage sell

14. Make dinner at least 2 nights a week

15. Have a date night with my hubs at least once a month

16. Give Addy a little brother/sister

17. Have a months worth of income in my savings

18. Go to a play or musical

19. Find a church to attend

20. Spend a weekend at Lake Whitney

21. Hang pictures on the walls

22. Visit my Meme more

23. Go to Pete's piano bar :)

24. Start a photo album of Addy's 1st year

25. Volunteer somewhere

26. Donate my clothes that don't fit

27. Read at least 4 times a week to Addison

28. Paint our Master Bedroom

29. Convert Addison to a toddler bed (when the time is right of course)

30. Potty train (again when the time is right....)

31. Get my hair cut and colored

32. Sponsor a child from the Angel tree at Christmas

33. Pay cash for all Christmas presents

34. Pay off my vehicle

35. Buy Matt a new vehicle

36. Dress up for work 4 out of 5 days (no jeans)

37. Take Addison for more walks

38. Organize the laundry room

39. Plant flowers in front of the house

40. Visit a Museum

41. Take a mommy and me class with Addison

42. Go to Las Vegas

43. Write/Send handwritten birthday cards

44. Send my mom flowers just because

45. Attend a game at the Cowboy stadium (seats not party pass)

46. Surprise my husband with a date night full of things he would want to do

47. Have a sleepover with all Addy's friends (Maddie, Kayla, Kynli and baby Ryan)

48. Learn to make Addison some hair bows

49. Buy myself some new clothes

50. Get a couples massage

51. Purchase a new tv for the bedroom

52. Iron my clothes before putting them in the closet

53. Read 5 new books

54. Learn to make a custom blog header

55. Plant a tree in the back yard

56. Buy my mom a mothers ring

57. Throw a surprise party

58. Baby proof the house

59. Learn to take better pictures

60. Clip coupons

61. Steam clean the carpets

62. Buy patio furniture

63. Spend more time outside

64. Make Addison a homemade outfit

65. Teach Addison to say Mama

66. Organize my closet

67. Dust the fans

68. Work off the pooch I have from Addison

69. Have pictures made of all the Grandchildren

70. Frame said picture for the grand parents

71. Watch every episode of The Office

72. Make a homemade gift for my sisters children

73. Learn to use our camcorder

74. Find a video game Matt and I can play together

75. Offer to take on a job at work that is not my responsibility

76. Decorate my office at work

77. Pay off my 401K loan from when we bought the house

78. Get lasik

79. Give Matt a massage :)

80. Walk the dogs more

81. Paint Addison's nails

82. Update my blog at least 3 times a week

83. Attend more of Matt's softball games

84. Learn more about the stock market

85. Own a pair of red high heels

86. Buy Matt a recliner

87. Own an iPhone or compareable

88. Install a glass entry way door

89. Re-stain our bar stools a darker color

90. Clean the fridge

91. Not live paycheck to paycheck (for at least 1 month)

92. Have a family picnic

93. Take Addison swimming

94. Write a will

95. Get new tires on my car

96. Take my department to lunch and pay

97. Buy a new bedding set

98. Take Addison to the zoo

99. Crochet a large blanket

100. Get the cat groomed

101. Do something nice for someone I don't know

Friday, January 22, 2010


So I just want to say how happy I am that it is FRIDAY! We have a few things planned for this weekend but to start the weekend off right we will be relaxing at home tonight :)

Tomorrow we are headed to the Taylor's house for some game night with them and the New's. Cant wait to get Addy together with her best bud Kayla who is just 2 months older than her :)

Then Sunday morning we are having pictures made of Addison, Kayla and our other friend Kynli. We had the girls made matching onesies that say Chunky Monkey and matching bows. I don't know how Heather is going to get three babies under 6 months to cooperate but hopefully we will get some good shots :)

Check back for more pictures and updates over the weekend....

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So I made the goal yesterday to take a daily picture of Addy and blog about our day... Since the nights at our house go by so quickly I will be blogging and posting pictures from the night before. So every day check for an update on how our previous day went :)

So yesterday (January 21st) was a really great day! I started Addison on her new feeding schedule at daycare. I have been feeding her baby food for the past week or so and its now time for her to start eating it at daycare during the day. So for all of those who would like to know here is our feeding routine...

6:00am - 5 oz bottle at home
9:00am - 5 oz bottle at daycare
12:00pm - 5 oz bottle at daycare
3:00pm - 2 tbs of rice cereal, 1/2 a 2.5oz jar of baby food (rotating between stage 1 fruits and veggies) all mixed with 1 oz formula. Once finished eating she takes the rest of her 5 oz bottle at daycare
6:00pm - 5 oz bottle at home

Yesterday the day care followed my instructions to the T and all went very well. I got several compliments at pick up on how good of an eater my little girl is, and I think it shows by the look of her chunky cheeks :)

When we got home we had a great night :) Played, read a book and got a bath! More on our nightly schedule to come in a later post...

New Goal...

I am making it my new goal to try and take atleast one new picture of Addy a day and blog about our day on here :)

Look for a new post and picture tomorrow!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 Month pictures!

We took Addy to Target to have some 3 month pictures taken! I was skeptical of how they would turn out but I really love them!

Here they are... (they were scanned so a little blurry)

So in my last post I wrote about giving Addison cereal and now I'm starting to be hesitant. Its so hard to fit it in the schedule at night, and she has to have it before her night time bottle or she wont take it. So if the daycare feeds her at 6:30 first then she will not eat it when we get home cause she is full from the bottle. Plus I'm so nervous because I didn't wait for Dr approval. I know she is my child and I can do what I feel is best but I'm just a nervous new mom.

Plus some nights she gobbles it up and others she just cries and spits it out. So i think I'm going to wait a week and then try it again. I feel that when she is truly 100% ready she will let me know by eating it better all the time. Well see its just a trial and error thing with this motherhood stuff! No reason to stress she is getting food and growing so all is well :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First time eating cereal...

Well I have debated giving Addy cereal for about a week or so now. She is doing everything developmentaly that she should to start eating cereal and stage 1 veggies and fruits (assisted sitter) and she has really been interested when Matt and I eat. She follows the food from our forks to our mouths and even moves her mouth like she is chewing when we do it. The doctor said we would introduce it to her at 4 months (2 weeks away) but im her mom and I think she is ready so we gave it to her!

At first she just wanted to eat and we couldnt get it in her mouth fast enough. So i gave her a bit of her formula to calm her down to where she wasnt acting like she was starving. Once she was calm and ready to eat i started giving her the cereal she liked it i think. She gobbled it up once she realized the spoon was in her mouth.

I think were going to start giving it to her around dinner time everyday and once i see she is handling it well then i will give her cereal in the morning and a fruit or veggie at night. Alternating between veggies and fruits! Cant wait to see how she reacts to sweet potatoes :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

3 Months

Addison is 3 months old today!!!

I can not believe my baby is already 3 months old. I dont take her back to the doctor till 4 months so i dont have her exact stats but I will update all of that next month :)

Addy is developing so well im my opinion. Here are some things she is doing now...

- Talking - haha well not exactly but she is very vocal and will carry on a whole conversation with you making all kinds of sounds. I think she is going to be a talker like her momma!! (Poor Matt)

- Grasping toys when put in front of her

- Sitting with support

- Still enjoying her baths! She will even sit up and bat at her toys (with assistants)

- Loves to blow bubbles with her slobber

- Holds head up (She has been doing this since 3 weeks though. She is just starting to get more steady)

- Can lift her head and body when laying on tummy

- SMILES all the time

Addison truly is such a happy baby. I cant wait to see what she is going to learn to do next.

Here are some pictures from 2 months till now :)

Our First Christmas as a Family of 3....

I know its a bit late but I didn't want to just forget about it and not post about our Christmas so here it is better late than never :)

12.19.09 - Christmas with Matt's Mom
Our first Christmas stop was to Matt's moms house. Unfortunately I forgot to take out my camera and get some picture but that is mainly because Miss A slept through pretty much all of it but Matt and I still had a great time. Matt's mom first off is an amazing cook especially Mexican food. She learned how from Matt's grandma which i hear was an awesome cook as well. She made us all some enchilada's, rice, beans and her wonderful but HOT hot sauce. After eating my nephew Randy sang me some songs he made up and was just as cute as can be. Randy and his brother Johnathan just love Addison to death all they ever want to do is hold her. They even want to hold the bottle for me while I'm feeding her. I promise next family event with Matt's mom I will get some pictures of the boys loving on Addy.

After all of this we opened presents. Addison got some cute dolls and pajamas from her Mimi, pajamas from her Aunt Melinda, a mermaid doll from cousin Randy and a frog teething toy from cousin Johnathan.

12.24.09 - A white Christmas at Kaylyn & David's house
This Christmas event was very special it was the first time in a very long time that we had a white Christmas eve. It started snowing around 2:00 in the afternoon and by 5:00 when we headed to Kay's the roads were already a mess with wrecks everywhere, but luckily we took our time and made it over safely and on time :)

Normally we do Christmas eve at my Dad's but this year we had it at Kay's house. She cooked us some really good lasagna and made us a bunch of snackie foods. All I had to bring was a 2 liter of coke for Matt and I which made it really easy. Cooking with a 2 1/2 month old and getting ready for the holidays can be difficult. So i was very happy not to have to cook.

After eating we opened presents. Miss A scored big and got a glow worm, outfits, hair bows and an assortment of rattle toys :)

Once we were done with gifts all of us big kids went out side to play in the snow!! Kay's street has a big hill at the end and we all went sliding down it. Dad even came out with us and slid down. Boy were my hands cold and my pants were wet after the snow melted on me!!

Over all we had a great time!!

12.25.09 - Christmas morning

We spent Christmas morning just the 3 of us and our fur babies. Addison woke around 6:30 for a bottle and I was not ready to fully get up so after she finished her bottle we laid back down. Finally around 9:30 i went in her room and found Addy like this...

When she heard me in her room she woke up and just started smiling so i got her out of bed and took her to the living room to see what all she got!

Santa brought her a exersaucer, new paci's and a teething toy. She truly is still to small for the exersaucer but will grow in to it. We put her in there once a day and she really seems to like it despite being to short to touch the bottom and bounce.

Mommy and daddy got her the glowing seahorse which i absolutely LOVE. It glows and plays 8 min of bed time music. I can just put her in bed at night awake, turn on the seahorse, and by the time it is done playing she is asleep! Its wonderful.

After enjoying our morning we all got ready and headed to Matt's dads. I wont talk to much about this because it was not a good trip. Matt's brothers were not getting along and we will leave it at that :(

12.25.09 - Christmas Afternoon

We always do Christmas afternoon at my Aunt Sharon's. We had a great time over there and Addison made out with 2 more glow worms (which we exchanged for a Jenny Jump-up that she can use when she gets a tad bigger!!

12.26.09 - My mom's Christmas

This year was my year to host Christmas for my Mom and Meme. Mom and I did all the shopping for the food (Thanks Meme for funding the food expenses). Mom came over early and helped me with Addy and getting the food ready. This year we decided to just do snackie foods which turned out great! We all snacked and played games most of the afternoon.

Then we opened presents. Addy again slept through this so we saved her gifts for when she woke up. I think she was most spoiled at this Christmas. My mom went over board and got her loads of clothes and new toys. I really don't know where I'm going to store all these toys. For now they are on the closet floor till i can get another toy box or something similar.

Well if you read all of this more power to you! I know it was ALOT!! We had a great Christmas and cant wait to have many more!!!

Merry Christmas to ALL!

The Zaragoza's