Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ipsy October 2013

Wowzer two special packages in one week. First the wonderful Birchbox and now a fantastic Ipsy box. First off let me say I have been getting Ipsy for four months now and have yet to be disappointed. Ipsy send you 5 deluxe size to full size products a month and a cute bag to reuse. My kids tend to get most of the bags :). Ipsy runs you $10 a month same as Birchbox and worth every penny in my opinion. Here is my October box review.

Products are reviewed from right to left just to change things up a bit :)

Big Sexy Hair - Blow Dry Volumizing Gel 
I love BSH products. They are the best and I can't wait to use this one. Only downfall here is I mostly air dry my hair and blow dry it only on date nights (which if you have two small kids know is never). None the less this sample is a really good size and smells great. Can't wait to use it.

LAFresh - Oil-Free Face Cleanser
This sample comes with 10 wipes and smells great. I have a bad face routine although trying to get better. So this will help make it easy to remove that pesky eye makeup that even after washing doesn't seem to come all the way off. Score on this product too Ipsy

Boxom - Full on Lip Polish
You can't tell from this picture because it is in the foil wrapper but this is a deluxe size if not full size sample. The color is a light pink which is great cause I am a very boring lipstick wearer and ten to wear nude and light colors only. Throwing this in the purse for those re-applies at work.

Nourish Organic - Coconut & Argan Body Lotion
This is a Target exclusive product so for that I'm already sold. Love me some Target :)
This is a perfect purse size lotion and smells great. Nothing more to really say on this one. Love!

Zoya Polish -color Giovanna
This is a full size nail polish. I am learning to love nail polish so much after subscribing to beauty boxes. I am now able to paint my right hand! This color pushes by comfort zone but I love it and will be having a polish party with the girls this weekend I'm sure.

Let me know what you got in your bag and if you haven signed up for Ipsy you need to its fantastic! Please be sure to use my links in post if you decide to join.

*all opinions are my own and I was in now way compensated for this review. 


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